Productivity software allows create tasks, collaborate, and control execution on live website.
The United States and Canada, The UK and EU, Russian speaking countries.
Target audience:
    1. Digital managers (digital marketing managers) small and medium sized businesses
    2. Freelancers (digital, website development)
    3. Account managers/project managers small and medium sized digital agencies
    4. Enterprise customers

    Male 25-35 years old, tech savvy, progressive views. Works as a project manager in a Digital Agency. Early adopts new and trending technologies (social media, software, hardware, etc.) In his life he's trying to make practical decisions based on common sense and rationality. Social responsible, trying to make things right (recycle, volunteering, eclectic/hybrid car).
    1. Marketing research: target audience, product, competitors. Design research: visual code of
    the market segment and stylistic preferences of the target audience, analytics of industry
    trends to differentiate from competitors. Style references.
    2. Strategy:
    Positioning, brand identity (DNA): rational and emotional benefits, insight, character, values,
    tonality and other key brand parameters.
    3. Creative idea of visual brand identity and corporate identity system:
    - logo, typefaces and color combinations, corporate elements
    - photo style
    - branding concept using 3-5 media as an example (website cover, pop-up, mailing list)